• What Do You Need For A Gaming Computer?

    The term 'gaming computer' has enticed and confused many computer consumers. What exactly is a gaming computer, and how is it any different from any other computer? In some cases, it's a question of raw computer power, but a few key component points are what really makes the different. To understand that difference and how it affects both your gameplay and budget, take the time to understand more about what gaming computers are and how video cards relate to them.
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  • Fixing Constant Crashes During Gaming

    For consumer computers, nothing tests a computer's power quite like games. Business applications, video watching and other basic tasks pale in comparison to the intense graphics, background processing and cooling needed to run the most graphically intensive games on the market. If you've tried to play the newest games on high settings, but run into a perilous trap of shutdowns, crashes and general failure, consider a few troubleshooting points that could push you towards a fix.
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